Sunday, February 27, 2011

Be a force for change - not a victim

So, here we are up to date with the NAWLS small bites.

Be a force for change - not a victim.
Are you frustrated with people and situations you wnat to change? Longing for the world to change to make things easier for you won't help. The only way change occurs is if you take responsibility and make the effort (and have the courage) to do something different - despite what others may think or say.

To bring about changes that support your WLS lifeslye, you can resolve to treat gatherings as opportunities to have fun and be social, rather than to eat. You can serve healthy foods when eating is a necessary part of an event. You can heighten awareness of healthy foods and portion sizes, and you can change your own environment to suit your needs. You can be a gentle and confident example who inspires others. 

Action for the day:
Resolve to be a foce for change in the world. Make the choice to stick up for your own needs today.

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 So things should be back to normal tomorrow as far as posting goes. I will try to keep this as up to date as possible and to do the exercises as we go along. I am also in the process of sending out to all of the people who came to the Meet and Greet a survey about the organisation and also about where the next Meet and Greet should be as it was going to be in Christchurch. Should we hold it again in Palmerston North, or another city, or should we wait a few more months and go back to Christchurch? Lots of questions.

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