Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Listen to your body and trust yourself

Things are going well with the food atm, I do feel more in control again and long may it last. I a feeling alot more positive about many aspects, and I know that there were alot of other factors in place that were making me stressed out. Some of these have been resolved, and some I am still working on, but isn't it amazing how much better you feel about things when you are eating right, and getting some exercise!!!

Anyway, onto today's NAWLS Small Bite.

Listen to your body and trust yourself. 
While somewhat rare, WLS puts people at risk for complications. If anything concerns you, ignoring it and hoping it gets better may turn something simple into something serious. Your surgeon, or your primary care physician, is often the best judge if something is wrong. 

But if you do not agree with your doctor, don't be shy about getting a second opinion. You are responsible for your health. If the solution the surgeon offers does not work, call back. If you are ins erious distress don't be shy about foing to the emergency room. The new you takes care of him or herself and tackles health problems head on. Learn about the common complications that can happen after WLS and avoid uncnecessary suffering.

Action for the day:
If you have medical questions of concerns, call your surgeon or primary care physician today and get them address. You deserve to be healthy and comfortable. 

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I am definately not one for sitting back when it comes to talking to both my surgeon and my GP. When I first got sick, I was speaking to the nurse at my surgeons office all the time, and even ringing my surgeon from hospital to ask his opinion if I was allowed to have certain procedures. 
I know I am lucky to have an amazing surgeon that offers such support. 

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  1. Am loving reading these posts, as for the WW stuff, I will be keeping it as I will probably want it again one day knowing me lol....