Sunday, February 27, 2011

Redefine your idea of beauty

The NAWLS Small bite for Feb 25th

Redefine your idea of beauty.
True beauty comes from within. Even though what's on the outside is important to most of us, remmebr that a person who is pleasing to the eye, if they have an ugly soul, will not find peace. Think of the most beautiful person you know. What qualities does that person possess? From that list you will notice not all their beauty is on the outside.  Now think about what is wrong with their appearance.

Even with flaws people are beautiful. You are, too. No matter what your body ends up looking like when you reach your goal, you are still beautiful. (Yup, even with the sagging skin!) Your beauty radiates from within. Your beauty is not only skin deep. 

Action for the day:
To cultivate the beauty within you, in your journal list five things you have done in your life that show your inner beauty. Meditate on why and how these things reflect your inner beauty. 

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