Thursday, February 10, 2011

Take responsibility

Well, we had our first social worker visit today for our fostering. It was a great visit, and I think she gets us. In fact I am pretty sure she gets us and what we are about. She gave us some pretty good feedback and she thinks that we would be suited to under 3 year old kids to start with. 

Food mostly on track, had some takeaways tonight, but didn't overdo it.

Onto today's NAWLS Small Bite

Take responsibility.
The quality of your life is the result of your reactions to life. When youa re faced with a challenge, be it a health issue or something else, th efinal outcome is either positive or negative based on how you react.

Taking responsibility for your obesity means reacting positively to the demands of your surgery - rather than feeling sorry for yourself or feeling rebellious. Taking responsibility means you control the outcome of your surgery. 

Action for the day:

In your journal, write down three things in your life that are bothering you - things that make you feel like a victim. Next to each item, write down a realistic respsonse you could have that you improve the situation - and your perception of yourself.

© 2007, Katie Jay. All rights reserved.
This is something that I will do in private and continue to work on. There are a few things that this hits home on for me and not just on my WLS journey hence why I am not going to share fully here. But it is soemthing that I need to work on, taking responsibility for my obesity and having a realistic response to improve the situation.


  1. I just wanted to say, thank you. Everyday you have a new blog post with helpful information in it and I enjoy reading it. Thank you.

  2. Awesome about the social worker..... have a great weekend :-)