Friday, February 4, 2011

Dare to experiment

So I missed this entry yesterday, and I have been thinking about it. The NAWLS Small Bite

Dare to experiment.
Life is brimming with experiences to be lived - and now you are physically able to experiment. After surgery, you certainly tried new foods, but now it is time to experiment in other areas. 

Try on a new style of clothes. Experiment with square dancing or a spirited aerobics class. How about larning a musical instrument now that your breathing easier? Join a book club or a Boble study without fear of breaking a chair. Whatever looks interesting to you, try it. Imagine life is a buffet, and it's your mission to sample the many treats it has to offer. 

Action for the day:
What new experiences do you want to have? Take action toward that goal today. 

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 At the moment I dare not experiment, I actually need to get back to basics with food, as I am gaining and I am not coping with some stressful situations. So I can't atm introduce anything new to the mix. ust trying to hang on and cope with what I have.

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