Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Focus on today

The NAWLS Small Bite

Focus on today.
Time spent thinking about regrets and past hurts is time wasted. You cannot go back and make different decisions, better choices. You cannot change the past hurts others have caused you. By swelling on them today, you are hurting yourself all over again. 

You only have today. Today is an opportunity to take actions and make choices that will cause you no regrets tomorrow. Today, if you feel wronged, youc an express your feelings in the moment, forgive, and move on. Today is the day to do well the things you can do, and let go of the rest. Your yesterdays are only experiences you will use to help you make healthier choices today.

Action for the day:
Whenever a regret comes up, or a resentment, achnowledge it and then turn your thoughts to the present. What can you do to make it a healthy and peaceful day today?

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 I would like to think that I don't hold onto things to much and I certainly don't beleive in regrets, but I do know that I take things to heart and get hurt by them and then my insecurities show up. I think this is when I think I can't do things, or if things get tough I give up. But I need to just stop looking to the past, and focus on today. 

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