Sunday, February 27, 2011

Respect your triggers

Well as you can imagine, I have gotten behind on these due to the earthquake in Christchurch. I have family down there, and as I trained in broadcasting I also thought I might have known some of the CTV people. However, I am lucky that at this stage I don't personally know of anyone who has been killed.  I do of course have family and friends in Christchurch who do, and I so wish I was closer to be able to offer and do more. 

So I will probably not do the exercises for these NAWLS Small Bites, but I will post them, as hopefully they will still help me think about my WLS journey and help me along the path. 

Respect your triggers.
Maybe you let your son buy chips at the store yesterday. OR you have eaten at restaurants more often lately. Did you offer to bake something to bring to a party - something you know will trigger food cravings in you? Once on the road to recovery, you may feel that you can handle more temptations. Sometimes you can. And sometimes allowing your food triggers to creep back into your life is a recipe for disaster. 

Your triggers are a part of you and must be acknowledged and respected. Obesity is a deadly disease, and you have it, whether you are thin or heavy. It's time to gently tell yoursef, "NO". There are some foods you just can't be around safely. Staying away from a trigger food is a one day at a time challeng. But you can do it. 

Action for the day:
Make an honest list of your trigger foods. Are any of them in your house? Ask a friend to help you get rid of them now. It will never get any easier. Not even after you've gained 10 pounds. So do it now.

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