Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Resolve to stop "escape eating"

I am doing evening shift this week and also sorting out some household finances, and I thought I would have time to do these entries each morning, but I have been running around organising a heap of other things. The thing with being busy is that I don't seem to snack, but I also do eat dinner alot later on in the day.

The NAWLS Small bite today:

Resolve to stop "escape eating."
Many WLS patients have overeaten for years, in part to escape certain feelings. You might have eaten to escape feelings of anxiety, depression, sadness, boredom, or being overwhelmed. After, WLS, many people continue to engage in escape eating.

It's time to ask yourself, "How well is escapre eating working for me?" Is it moving you toward your long-term WLS goals? Is it a nagging problem that you're managing, but that could get out of control over time? Changing this pattern means identifying your feelings and choosing a new response to those feelings. You do have a choice.

Action for the day:
Record what you eat for three days. Beside each entry, write down how you were feeling when you ate. Were you hungary? Were you lonely, angry, or tired? This activity will help you indentify and curb your emotional triggers.

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I am very much a boredom eater.......If I am bored I am in the cupboards looking for food. But if I am busy, hours can go past and I can almost forget to eat.


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