Saturday, February 5, 2011


Well these NAWLS Small Bites are really meant for me and the moment.

Some days you wake up feeling tired or distracted. You just don't have the time or energy to follow your WLS regimen at the moment. So, you skip breakfast, or eat that slice of cold pizza that you righteously avoided the night before. Days of discouragement shouldn't surprise you. They are reminders that food will always be complicated - either a comfort or a distraction.

The key to real change is perseverance. When you take a misstep, for whatever reason, know that you will continue to persevere in your WLS recovery. You will start over at the next meal - you will overcome the remptation next time. That is how you'll succeed. Being perfect just isn't going to happen. So persevere.

Action for the day:
No matter where you are in the recovery, today you will persevere. Start over every time you stray from your plan. Start over as often as necessary.

© 2007, Katie Jay. All rights reserved.
 This is really me at the moment, just hanging in there and restarting what feels almost like daily, or even hourly!!! I just need to keeping moving forward even though it feels like I am very much on the back foot.

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