Monday, February 7, 2011

Use exercise as a tool.

So today I got back on track with both eating and with exercise. I did have a few chips this even with my salad and chicken, but overall it was maybe about 8 chips. I was pleased with that. I also went for about a 40 minute walk with Leigh, Maryanne and the kids, which was nice to do again, and is kind of annoying that I am going back to rotational shifts from next week, although it does mean I will be able to get alot more done with the organisation side of things. 

Today's NAWLS Small Bite is

Use exercise as a tool. 
Some people love to exercise. As WLS returns their bodies to a healthier, more able form, they rmbrace exercise wiht a renewed vigor. Other people do not love exercise, but know that it is considered and essential part of an effective WLS program.

If you are not fond of exercise, it's time to work on changing your mind about it. Exercise is your lifeline. It will make your weightloss and mainenance much, much easier. To make it more palatable, try something entertaining. You can put on music and dance, ride a bike, buy an exercise video that appeals to you, garden, listen to a book on tape while you walk, or find a friend to walk with. Exercise does not have to be torture. 

Action for the day:
Move your body today in some new way. Also, plan what exercise you'll do for the rest of the week and put it on your calendar. If you worry you may not exercise at a planned time, schedule something with a friend to motivate you. 

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So tonight, I did it, I went out for our walk with Maryanne and Leigh, which of course is fantastic, and I miss it when we don't go. I also have both the treadmill and the wii at home, and thanks to Sharyn's husband (from the WLS group) I have wooded boosters for the wii and also a cd with music with a great beat for doing the stepping to. So no excuses.

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