Sunday, February 27, 2011

Explore your healthy options

The NAWLS Small bite for Feb 23rd is

Explore your healthy options. 
The world is full of wonderful foods that taste good and are good for you. Thankfully, the produce area of the grocery store is an international delight of exotic fruits and vegetables. Sweet cravings can be fulfilled by small servings of juicy melons, decadent star fruits, and plump berries. When you want something salty, tomatoes and olives do the trick.  What about needing to satisfy that urge just to crunch? THen chew ons ome celery, colourful perppers, raw asparagus, or cucumbers. When you crave a spice from an old favourite foodt, it can easily be incorporated into your healthy diet. For example, garlicj, onion powder, paprika, and oregano are popular flavours for fried foods, but these can also be incorporated into meat mixes or added to the water in which you cook whole grains. 

When you step outside your eating comfort zone, the rewards can be great and healthy. Sampling a variety of foods with prove invaluable to your new way of eating. 

Action for the day:
be thankful you have so many healthy food options. Trya  new, healthy food today. 

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