Monday, February 28, 2011

Find new ways to nurture yourself

Wow, the end of February already and the year seems to be racing. Well since it is not a leap year I am going to do two NAWLS Small bites today!!!

Find new ways to nurture yourself.
Sometimes people use food as a way of nuturing themselves. food is such a comfort when you  re feeling down. It is a great companion when you are celebrating alone. It brings true pleasure, both in the anticipation of eating it and with the first bite. Yes, food is nuturing.

After WLS, it's still okay to enjoy food. In fact, eating the highest quality of food you can afford, and preparing it will, helps you to feel satisfied with your new life.  However, a healthy approach to dining dictates you ear only when you really need to. When you want to eat, but know you're not hungry, indenitfy the feelings behind your desire to eat. Are you in need of nuturing? If so, choose and alternative to food. You'll get used to responding differently to your nuturing need. Give it time. 

Action for the day:
Make a list in your journal of things that feel nurturing to you other than eating. The next time you feel the need to be nutured, try something from this list. 

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