Monday, February 14, 2011

Drop some rocks

So, as many of you know I have been having my protein shakes in the morning and my corn thins etc for lunch with a light carb meal. (apart from the weekend) Anyway - I started last Monday morning at 113kgs, and this morning I weighed at 111.7 kgs, so a loss of 1.3 kgs. I didn't feel deprived of anything and in fact I think I had takeaway food twice in the week and a dinner out with friends, so I think it shows that if you eat right 80% of the time, then you can still have a little bit of treats with it. 

I will continue to head in this direction, and was issued a challenge by one of the lovely Wellington girls to lose 3 kgs over the next 3 weeks, before she comes up for our next meeting.

So onto the NAWLS Small bite for today.

Drop some rocks.
We live in a busy world. Often success is measured by how much we do, how busy we are, and how heavy the load is that we carry. Imagine that your job in life is to swim across a fast-moving river carrying a bag of rocks. People often fill their bags will too many rocks, including rocks that don't belong to them. 

Are you carrying other people's rocks? Are you doing all the work for the team at your job? Are you volunteering again because no other parent stepped up? Carrying more rocks that you need is risky. Carrying your rocks and everyone else's will sabotage your WLD recovery.

Action for the day:
In your jounral today, make a list of the rocks in your bag - your various responsibiliteis. Drop at least one of the rocks that doesn't belong to you.

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This is an interesting one. For me I don't think that I am carrying too many rocks, it is just that I sometimes pick up ones that are too big, or too heavy for one person, however I have learnt how to ask for help (sometimes). I think also sometimes you pick up rocks that are jaggard aroudn the edges instead of smooth and they have bits that dig into, and sometimes it takes a while to find those sharp edges and either smooth them away or decide to eject them from the bag.

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  1. Im not sure I bother with rocks, I think I pick up entire mountains sometimes. Perhaps I should spend the next two weeks before surgery smashing some up.