Monday, February 21, 2011

Creating a habit of success

The NAWLS Small Bite

Creating a habit of success.
Part of being successful with WLS is learning to make success, in general, a habit. Set a goal (but not a weight goal) that you achieve each month, no matter what. Maybe you will paint a room this month. Next month, you will clean the attic. The following month you might write letters to several old friends – whatever you can think up. Just have a monthly goal and complete it no matter what it takes. 

Building a list of accomplishments will put you into a positive frame of mind. If you still have a few pounds to lose, don’t fret. You have proven to yourself you can get done what you make up your mind to do. This can-do mindset is very powerful. as it applies to EVERY goal you set.

Action for the day:

In your journal, make a list of potential, non weigh related goals you can strive for in the coming months. Pick a manageable one to accomplish before the end of this month. Keep it realistic, and do it no matter what.

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