Monday, February 21, 2011

Believe you can overcome obesity.

So I have finally caught up and  it seems that alot of these have been speaking directly to me. I am struggling atm. I had such a good week the week before and had lost the 1.3 kgs taking me back down to 111.7 kgs. But today I am back to 113.9 kgs......much heavier than where I want and need to be. So many of my clothes are no longer fitting me, and I feel horrible.

When I am like that I don't tend to come here to update, but I need the NAWLS Small bites, as they are really helping me keep focussed and when I don't make time for them, I don't do well. 

So onto todays NAWLS Small Bite.

Believe you can overcome obesity
To success at anything you first must have the beleif that it can be accomplished. Even thugh it is imperfect, WLS can be a phenomenal tool in your battle with obesity. But, you must beleive and accept that YOU can make this tool work for you. You can do this. 

When you had your surgery, you looked inside yourself and found strength to mould your own destiny. You have turned youself around in what seemed a dark tunnel of impossibility, and you have faced the light. Surgery is the begiining of believing  that you will lose weight and keep it off. It is up to you to keep this faith alive. Feed your faith as you find a healthier way to feel your body. 

Action for the day:
Today, write a letter to yourself, assuring yourself you are in control. this is just one way to nuture the new faith that is taking root in your life. You have the ability to succeed with WLS.
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Man, it really does feel that these are speaking right to me at the moment and that I really need to believe that I can do it. 


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  1. We have to beleive we can do it, we have no other option :-)