Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pain is a message; listen to it.

I seem to be struggling to get the Friday and Saturday posts done on time.....I am still doing the NAWLS Small bites, and I definately will continue posting these as I do feel they are helping me stay connected to my pouch!!

Pain is a message; listen to it.
Listening to your pain when everythign around you says ignoring it shows strength, is really strength. Pain is a message that indicates something is wrong. Physical pain may mean you are working too hard, or it may mean you're sick. Emotional pain is also an indicator that something is not right. This pain is very real and can be quite damaging too. Many poepl overeat when they have emotional pain.

If you ignore your pain and do not attend to it, your pain is likely to grow. If you need to, seek help. Even if you think you are being silly or weak, remind yourself you are not. You were not created to live in isolation. Getting help when you need it makes a world of difference. 

Action for the day:
Today, if you are suffering with pain of any kind, spend some time considering what will soothe it. Connect with at least one gentle person today to discuss your discomfort.

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I love how this action of the day says to connect with at least one gentle person.......I try and do this daily, and especially if I am hurting. I think I use online as a way to do this as well, connecting with like minded gentle people who are going to help me through.

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