Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Reassure loved ones

Another good day for me today foodwise. Actually have stuck to the program to the letter today.
I am also happy to see the direction the scales are heading in, but I will beleive it when I get to next Monday. Actually my weigh in's will be from Wednesday's next week as we are having a biggest loser challenge at work and I have decided to do it. I know I have the tool of WLS, but I still now struggle with choices and eating the right things for optimum weightloss. I might ask not to be included in any prizes, but we will see how it goes. 

So onto the NAWLS Small Bite.

Reassure loved ones.
The special people in your life will go through a flood of emotions as you transform before their eyes. Your spouse, family, or friends may feel insecure as you approach your goal weight. When you were large, they may never have feared losingyour love and attention. Now that youa re thinner, and especially if you get thinner than they are, they may fear that you will not want to spend time with them or that ou will leave.

Be reassuring, If your loved one feels threatened by your new body, they may try to sabotage your efforts. Help them realize that yous till want to be in a relationship with them, and that you are willing to work things out. 

Action for the day:
Look a loved one in the eye today and tell him or her you love them. Thank them for supporting you. And offer reassurance.

© 2007, Katie Jay. All rights reserved.
 I know how important this is as so many relationships break down after WLS. We are very lucky in our own little WLS community that we have had no marriage or relationship breakdowns because of WLS. Mind you that might be because we are all talking and supporting each other. I wonder what the stats are like for those who don't go to the support meetings?

I hope that Si knows that I love him dearly and that I appreciate the support he gives me. At the moment he is working on improving my CV and not making it quite as technical as it currently is. I am sure I am putting some people off with my experience. Not that we have dumbed it down, just that we have tailored it a little more to the jobs I am apply for. 

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  1. Good post Janine:-)

    Maybe I should get Si to look at my CV just for another opinion.