Friday, January 7, 2011

Accept Success

Oh for a faster internet ........unfortunately we have used up all our broadband from 25th of December till Jan fact he went 2 gig over, which is why I am having to do these posted by email so they are not in the same format.!!!
So today's Small Bite courtesy of NAWLS is

Accept success.
Accepting and embracing your new lifestyle will be the key to overcoming your obesity. To foster an attitude of acceptance, focus on where you are now, and what you can eat now. Rejoice in the quality of food you eat, not the quantity. Recognize that every day you follow your plan is a victory to celebrate.

The WLS journey is challenging, especially when you resist the lifestyle you know you must accept to success. Release the chains of doubt, defiance, desire and regret. The world looks better when you see if from a fresh perspective – the perspective of acceptance. 

Action for the day:
Whenever you feel resistance to your program, say to yourself, "I chose this new life. It is a gift I have given to myself and I'm going to make the most of it."
© 2007, Katie Jay. All rights reserved.
I have got to say. I am so inspired by this Small Bite. I so need to remember that I chose this new life!!!!!!!! It was my gift to myself.....I chose to live, so why do I defy what I chose?
Whenever anyone of you hears me say that I am struggling, or that I just wish I could have something I shouldn't, can you PLEASE remind me that I chose to life this lifestyle and I need to accept and embrace it. (Not just the bits I feel like, but the whole journey)
Hopefully we will have faster broadband again soon – Si made a deal with the telecom man.......!!!!!!!! I hope it works, cos this is just stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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