Monday, January 31, 2011

Spend anger wisely

WowI have been all afternoon up at the hospital as my Dad who had a knee replacement surgery last week has had to be readmitted today with a pulmonary embolism, which is basically a blood clot on the lung. Luckily he is doing fine and the clot was positioned in a smaller vessel and it was not too large. It certainly gave everyone a fright and it appears that he will make a full recovery. 

So, I have not had anytime today to work on today's NAWLS Small Bite, but I will still share what it is.

Spend anger wisely
One of the hardest emotions to master is anger. Handled unwisely, it can be costly. Whether your anger isjustifed or not, wallowing in it is a luxury you cannot afford. Anger can lead to self-destructive behaviour, which can undermine your WLS success. When you feel anger, allow yourself a private moment to think things through. What will be the consequences? Will you alienate a friend who has been supportive? Will you affect your position at work? Will your anger cause you to overeat?

If thinking through consequences does not dissipate your anger, then you can remove yourself from the situation completely and cool off. Try again to resolve your issue when your emotions have settled down.

Action for the day:
Think about how you deal with anger. Does your anger hurt you or others? Plan a strategy to implement when your anger rises. Get help if you need it.

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  1. Pleased to hear your dad is now doing ok! Must have been a bad scare for you all.

  2. Wow just catching up, sorry to hear your dad was not well, but glad all turned out good :-)