Monday, January 10, 2011

Make protein your nutritional foundation

So you thought I was going to miss a day huh!!!!!!!!!! Not likely, I have a committment with myself to do the action for the day on the NAWLS Small Bites - Daily Inspirations every single day. Not quite sure how I am going to manage to do it while I am away for the weekend as I don't have a laptop and doing it via my phonetakes far too long!!!!!!!!!

Okay todays Small bite is. 

Make protein your nutritional foundation.
It's not always easy to get hte protein you need, but it really is essential. Protein helps your body heal, helps keep your hair from falling out, stabilizes your blood sugar, and helps build muscle - among many other things.

If you are early from surgery, you are probably using a protein supplement. Some people continue to use them. Protein supplements come in a wide variety of flavours. Sample as many as you need to until you find one you like. Don't give up on finding a supplement you can tolerate. The new you is not a quitter. The new you embraces the WLS lifestyle and accepts it for the tremendous freedom it brings. 

Action for the day:
Counthe number of protein grams you consume today. Are you on target? If not, make a better plan for tomorrow. 

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For me I don't usually have a problem getting in the protein unless I am being lazy at lunch time, which results in me buying some carbs instead. I have my protein shake immediately I get to work, and if I have my tuna on crackers I am doing well. As many of you know I am a fan of Eat Me Protein Powder- which is a New Zealand company and one of the major supporters of our last Meet & Greet. I can't wait to get my hands on the banana flavour and get Leigh to make some into protein ice cream!!!!!!!!

Tonight I met up with, Maryanne and also Maree for aqua aerobics, which was cancelled so we went for a swim and a spa instead. Good on us girls!!!!!!!! Tomorrow night, we are all heading off for a walk along the river with Leigh and Donna joining us as well. Have you noticed that when are are all talking to each other more, we stay on track, or at least don't fall off the wagon for too long!! I think it is fabulous and definitely what I need on my journey!!!!


  1. Aqua? There was an outdoor class at 6.00pm, one again Wed and Friday night, back to normal next week.