Saturday, January 22, 2011

Create a supportive community to meet your needs.

Well this is certainly a topic that is dear to my heart, so let's not waste time and lets get ono today's NAWLS Small Bite.

Create a supportive community to meet your needs.
Many WLS patients long for support, but live in an area that lacks resources. If you are in that situation, consider starting your own support group. 

Another great reason to start a support group is of your own group is toxic. In other words, if your group is not solution focused, with lots of people working hard to succeed, you might consider starting a group of your own that will meet your needs. 

Action for the day:
If you don't have a healthy group available to you, research how to create a community of caring and supportive people to help you reach your goals. 

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This is exactly what I am trying to do, and that I am inches myself to creating the ultimate support group for myself, and that is a National Organisation designed for just that purpose, to provide support and resources for anyone one who has had or is considering having WLS of any kind. 

Our Palmerston North support group is amazing and many of us have become lifelong friends. It has become so much more than just Weight loss support. This week I was not feeling the best and I had messages and even phone calls asking if they could do anything. Actually that was from one of the girls who when I was really sick and in hospital came and visited me. So thank you Angela. 

The support I get online not only from my local support group but internationally is also amazing. I mean just this blog for example. At times when I have been low, you have been there to help me get up again, you have been there to share my successes as well. We all need to be proud of the environment we are creating both in our local areas and online. I guess if it weren't for online though I never would have met some of the people on this journey, and from there things like the Meet and Greet would never have happened, as I was so inspired by what some of my online friends were doing overseas and I knew that I had to bring some of that support here. 

Looking forward to 2011 being an amazing and supportive year for us all as we launch the organisation and get support for everyone regardless of surgeon or type of surgery.

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