Saturday, January 8, 2011

Get an accountability partner

YAY - finally have broadband back and can now do my posts directly here. It was great to figure how to do it via email though as it means that I can post from anywhere really.

Today looks to be  a nice day - not too hot, so we are heading off to go fishing for a little bit in Wanganui. I thought I might go for a walk while Simon fishes, as it really is not my thing. It will also be good to get a walk in.

The topic of todays NAWLS Small Bite is

Get an accountability partner.
Your recovery is your responsibility, but don't go it alone. Find a partner to be accountable to, either someone in your support group or a friend. Having someone to call during moments of weakness can make a big difference. Your accountability partner can talk you down from eating the unhealthy food that is inches from your lips or encourage you to exercise. 

Put your partner's phone number on your refridgerator, your pantry, and your phone. This person is an important part of your support system. You can be there for your partner, too, when he or she is in need.

Action for the day:
If you don't have an accountability partner, just ask someone. If they say no, ask someone else. If you do have an accountability partner, check in with him or her today. 

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So today I have already spoken to my WLS buddy Annie via FB, as well as a couple of people in the support group. Tomorrow is our support group meeting and I can't wait. I need other people around me to help me stay accountable. I really enjoyed the beginning of this week where I met up with a couple of the others for walks.......I enjoyed the walk, the company and the chatting!!!!!!

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  1. hell this one hits home get a partner to be supportive huh ain't that the truth