Sunday, January 23, 2011

Help your family and friends change with you

Brrrrr it is far to cold for this time of year. This weather is not making me feel like getting out and exercising, and the salad I was meant to have for dinner became hot veges as it was far too cold to just have a salad. It reminds me that I need to order the firewood and get onto the landlord about getting the heat transfer unit installed. 

I met up with some of the fabulous support group for an impromtu coffee today. It was great to see some of the people who I have not really seen since early December or before. I also got to meet a lovely lady who has just had her surgery last Tuesday and is staying locally with her parents for the last part of her recovery.

Onto todays NAWLS Small Bite. 

Help your family and friends change with you.
You may be right wehn you think that none of your family or friends understand your WLS experience. These people are not you. the best strategy for peace is to love and teach one another. You have made a choice. Rather than get angry or resentful because a family member or friend comes in eating a sugary food with a tempting aroma, teach them how to support your goal of long-term WLS success. 

Relize your family and friends must learn how to fulfill their needs while supporting you. Finding the right balance will take time and communication. Just keep at it. 

Action for the day:
Forgive family members and your friends, as you teach them how to support you. 

© 2007, Katie Jay. All rights reserved.

I am just constantly amazed of the friendships that we have formed, and it also made me think about how other friends and family take a while to come into line with the way we have to change. My family have actually got the WLS thing under their belt moreso that the Gluten Free, although I do remember the first Christmas where my brother just couldn't understand why I was not putting the juice from the roast into the gravy. When I tried to explain that I would not be able to eat it if I did, he just looked at me odd. I ended up making with the juices from the roast and one without. 

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