Thursday, January 6, 2011

Eschew ignorance

Well for some reason I am having real trouble with blogger and it not letting me post. But did that stop me? Hopefully NOT, Hopefully this email post works so I can continue with posting every day.
So today's Small Bite from NAWLS is
Eschew ignorance.
Learn all you can about WLS, even if you are well into your recovery. The more you know about what is happening to you and what could happen to you, the more comfortable and successful you will be with the process. Read testimonials from other patients.Discover what physical and emotional challenges other people have experienced. Learn by others' mistakes.
But remember. you will not experience every emotion, pain or problem others experience. And not all information sources are reliable. Always check with your doctor before making a change that could affect your health.
Action for the day:
Today, research an important WLS topic about which you know little.
© 2007, Katie Jay. All rights reserved.
Hmm what topic to I want to look into, I thought about insulin resistance, and also how carbonated drinks are thought to stretch the pouch. There is not really that much information out there regarding this. However I thought I would share the link to the Presentation that Andrea did on behalf of Zola at the New Zealand WLS Meet & Greet. You can find it on the surgery website.
So that is a little of my research today.....not much and some information I already knew, but at least I spent some time looking!!!!!!!
Hopefully this will post and I will be back to posting normally tomorrow.....otherwise, this might have to do for a while.

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