Saturday, January 29, 2011

Love your new face

Well I managed to miss a day again - but catching up for it today with two posts. I have had my Dad in hospital this week having a kneww replacement, so have been going up there everyday to visit. Has meant that the exercise has taken a back seat and it seems so has th being in control of eating. I was actually just saying to another WLS person that it is like I need the choices taken away. I need to know exactly what I am having, and it needs to be quick and easy!!! 

On one of the forums I belong to though, is a very inspiring women. At 9 years post op and after some regain she has gotten to goal for the first time.  You can check it out here. I made a comment that I never think I will get to goal, and one of the other ladies, who is amazing commented back saying. If you think you can, or you think you're can't, you're RIGHT ;-)  It does really sum it up doesn't it? If I want this badly enough, I will work towards it and get there.Even if it takes 9 years. 

So, onto the NAWLS Small Bite

Love your new face.
As you lose weight, your rounded face changes. The double chins fall away and your baby face begins to mature into an adult face, with perhaps a bit of sagging skin. the person you see in the mirror is unfamiliar to you, but he or she is the mature and vibrant you. It may take you awhile to see your new face and body as they really are, rather than the distorted interpretation you may see now. 

You will see yourself more accurately the further out from surgery you get. Give yourself a couple of years.It takes time. 

Action for the day:
What you say to yourself about yourself will affect how you think and feel. Write down a positive affirmation about how you look and say it to yourself every morning as you look in the mirror. Notice how this changes your thoughs and feelings about yourself. 

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I am still getting my head around my new shape, and I think this is harder with the regain, as I feel like I am back to my heaviest, and sluggish. Actually the regain makes me feel much worse that what I did when I was at my heaviest. I know that is stupid as I still need to remember how far I have come, but it is a constant battle not to let it get me down.

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