Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Make peace with your limitations

Another day at home today, woke up wiht a major headache and just aching body. Slept till around 10:30 and then jsut watched some, played online a little and made a couple of calls. Just wish I could feel good at the moment, but everything just seems a little hard right now. I have not managed to do any exercise this week and my eating has also been shocking. 

Onto todays NAWLS Small Bite.

Make peace with your limitations.
Beacuse WLS is a life-time journey, your post=op life will include both extreme highs and extreme lows, and there will be times when making a healthy choice is very hard. 

You can look back and review how you've handled challenging situations in the past to get clues about how you will handle them in the future. Identify your weak areas, so that you will know what kind of support you'll need. It's okay to have limitations. Just make a plan for how you will handle them.

Action for the day:
In your journal, explore how you've handled extreme times in the past. Make a list of your areas of vulnerability. Think about how you can get support so that your limitations don't become major setbacks. 

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Well my limitation today is even journalling about this. I am just so tired right now, and not feeling in touch with myself, my pouch or my potential. But I know that this is probably just a result of me changing my medicine around and I will come right. I will think hard about this. I think for me I just keep going and eventually I push through the hard times. I know however diet wise or study wise and even work wise when the going get's tough I used to quit. BUT I won't allow myself to do that!

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  1. Not much to offer here... just wanted to send some virtual *hugs*. Sucks when you are not feeling great.... hope you start to feel better soon girl :)