Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Identify safe, satisfying foods.

I got my hair cut today, I got really sick of having to straighten it everyday, and  I think that this cut actually brings out my cheekbones more. I have put a pic below, as well as a few of Si taken at the Spring Grove Farm that we went to the other day. We both had a nice time out there and it was relaxing.I have also put up a pic of my Dad with his only granddaughter Lucy - who turns 6 today!!!!

 Went out with Leigh and Maryanne for our walk. Was meant to see a couple of the other WLS girls there, but they sent apologies. Tomorrow night we are going to do it again - but not till 7pm. 

Anyway, onto today's NAWLS Small Bite

Identify safe, satisfying foods.
Probably one of the hardest things to get over is not being able to eat everything you want. Yet, WLS is not a prison sentence. It is a choice you made to reclaim your life - an opportunity to enjoy life.

Eat foods that are good for you and that you really love. Feed your hunger with flavour rather than volume. Concentrate on eating slowly, savouring your food instead of gulping it. Identify some satisfying, safe foods you can turn to when you are struggling.

Action for the day:
In your journal make a list of "safe" foods you can eat that are super satisfying.

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You know I think that is some of my issues surrounding food is that I have not got a safe food list that ticks all the boxes....that is protein heavy, low in fat, low in sugar, gluten free and that I am satisfied by. I mean really satisfied. Actually if I think about it, no food actually does that for me....I will eat and eat I think trying to fill some sort of desire to be satisfied.

SO, do you have a safe list of foods that are super satisfying.....I would love to hear about it. Just add a comment below, can be completely anonymous. 



  1. Am so loving that haircut :-), catch you on Saturday...

  2. Love love love the haircut! Really suits you.

    Re the food ideas, are you a big salad fan? In summer I get a lot out of a salad with combinations of cheese, egg, drained tuna, nuts, chicken plus all the usual veges. I can eat it for dinner and feel full, not so much for lunch though. Don't know if that helps.

    Good luck with the daily reflections / tasks - great idea and you are doing so well.