Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rekindle your dreams.

Back at work today for the first day & I bet you thought that meant I would get slack and stop doing my daily Small Bites from NAWLS. I would have done it first thing this morning, but my internet went down, and if I had I would have been running late for work I think. 

Anyway it gave me heaps of time today to thing about today's WLS Daily Inspiration.

Rekindle your dreams.
Some WLS patients are very young and others have the surgery later in life, yet at any time it is not too late to become what you dream of becoming. Perhaps you spend time in regret, thinking you should have had your surgery sooner.

Focus on the present. You have more energy now than you've had in years, and you can move more easily towards your dreams. 

Action for the day:
In your journal, describe something you want to accomplish and make a list of the steps you need to take to get there. Then, take one action that will move you closer to your dream. 
© 2007, Katie Jay. All rights reserved.

So for me, I don' believe in regrets or even bad decisions. I do believe that we make decisions that were right for us in that moment. Maybe we make bad choices when it comes to food, but as for actual life decisions then I believe there is no such things as a bad one - just ones we might look back on and learn from. 

So coming back to the present. What is my dream to achieve? I want to see the formation of a non profit or charitable trust set up to provide support and resources to the Weight Loss Surgery Community. Ultimately I would like to see this entitiy be able to help people obtain WLS and possible even plastic surgery after WLS in the form of grants etc. I want to be the resource that anyone considering WLS or those who are supporting others in their journeys can go to for information, support and products and resources to help their journey be as smooth as possible. 

The steps that I need to take to get there -  
  1. Finish the new website so people have a place to go to get information
  2. Approach the likely members of the "board" & formalise the organisation.- eg create rules, select a name.
  3. Incorporate or apply for charitable status.
  4. Approach suppliers of products to be included in the subscription package
  5. Put together the proposal to the surgeons on including first year subs as part of surgery package
  6. Apply for funding
  7. Start taking subscriptions.
  8. Take on first paid staff me!!!!!!
So, today I am taking one step closer by completing some more of the website that will be used as a filler until we can afford to get one designed. It is just using a template and going from there. If there are any graphic designers or web developers that would like to donate their product or time to making a cool website, drop me a line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Good on you for getting it all up and running, I am sure it will be a success and you will eventually get paid for doing it :-)

  2. Wow! I am impressed. Will have to read back a little bit because I have definitely missed some major changes around here.