Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Show compassion for others

So today I didn't go to work, it was so humid last night I hardly slept and woke up with a huge headache and a pain on the right hand side of my torso, which hurt when I breathe in. I have had it before and it usually means that my liver is a little inflamed and it just catches on my diaphragm when I breathe. So I slept till 11 am and then got up and made a couple of phone calls and then did two 20 min sessions on the Wii Fit doing step. I also met up with Leigh and Maryanne for a 45 min walk this evening.

So onto today's NAWLS Small Bite. 

Show compassion for others.
The major changes brought about by your WLS may lead you to focus inward. It's easy to become self absorbed during this physical and mental transformation. 

Remember the people around you. As a WLS patient, it is important to be kind to yourself, but as you extend the kindness to others you'll create harmony with everyone you encounter. 

Action for the day:
Today, especially if you've been self-absorbed lately, spend some time and energy thinking about others's needs and desires

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It is so easy to get caught up in your own struggles that you find others might not be having the same road. While youa re experiencing plain sailing they mayb have potholes to dodge. 

I was watching a previous episode of Intrepid Journeys on telly tonight and it was Pam Corkery in Colombia, and she said something which made me think. She was talking about how everyone where she went was so hospitable and friendly and she thought back to how she was when overseas visitors are in New Zealand and she had to admit she was normally quite rude to people. It just made me think about how we get caught up in our own situations sometimes that we forget that other people on on their own journeys, be it WLS or not. Actually I think Simon sums it up quiet well, and that is that sometime we just have to sit back and be extras is someone elses movie and not the lead. 

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