Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jackies Wedding

Have just got back and unpacked everything from the weekend away to Jackie's Wedding in Tauranga. 

We headed off on Friday morning and got just past Feilding, after stopping in at my Dad's when I realised I had left some of my clothes in the dryer and that I really need them. So we turned around and came home again. Headed off and stopped in Taupo to see Tim on the way. It was nice to catch up with him again, and we had contemplated on spending on night in Tauranga and spending a nite in Taupo so we could go and sample his food at the restaurant where he is a chef. However I am pleased I didn't as we spent a lovely two nights in Tauranga and the wedding was fabulous, and Jackie made a beautiful bride. I got to spend a heap of time with Jackie and David as well as Leeanne and Mr T.  (Thanks to Leeanne for the hospitality at your Motel unit - we had a great nite).

Jackie gave me her bouquet to bring home as she is off to Aussie for her honeymoon and I had travelled the furthest to be there.  The red peace lillies are just amazing. 

Anyway, very tired, and so pleased that I have tomorrow off as well. Going to get started with Tim's challenge. This week, 1 aqua session, 3 walks and 15000 steps on the Wii Fit.  Here are a few pics from the wedding.


  1. I love your new, short hair cut! It really suits you. Thanks for the lovely photos too. You are looking great in that photo of the three of you.

  2. Just such gorgeous shots, love the photo of the three of you as well:-)

  3. You are a good girl! I usually use that as an excuse to shop a little more!!!

  4. OMG Jaxx hair looked gorgeous the make up gorgeous and the dress gorgeous I am sorry I missed a lovely day. Stephanie dress is gorgeous too.