Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Transform Gently

Today's NAWLS Small Bite is a meditation coupled with a journal activity. I have thought somewhat about this today and struggled as I find it really hard to visualise things. Sure I can bring to mind something that has happened, but I really find it hard to see myself achieving things. This might be that I know that I tend to quit when the going gets tough or I crumble under pressure.

Transform gently.
With WLS, the changes in your body and your life are dramatic. You may feel like you turned into someone else entirely from the moment you underwent surgery. You now have to eat differently, drink differently, and think differently. You are controlled by schedules, checklists, and your new plumbing. 

Be gentle with yourself as you go through this metamorphosis. Take your time. Give your body the chance to heal as you adjust to your new look and your new way of eating and living. 

Action for the day:
Meditate on your vision of the transformed you. Then, write down in your journal five things you want to accomplish once you've reached your goal weight. 
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After contemplation of this I still struggle to know where my goal weight is and what vision I have. Is that what is holding me back? Is that why I have got stuck where I am because I don't actually know where I want to be and what I want to achieve? I think I need to look back to the beginning stages of this journey to recheck what some of those goals and dreams were........and I might bounce some ideas off a couple of people during our evening walk. 

I mentioned I can't visualise......I also have no idea about my size in comparison to others. Here is the latest photo of me on New Year's Day with Simon and his parents on my front lawn. I like this shot, and I don't think I look as big as I feel. Although I am nicely camouflaged between Si and his Mum and oh I am wearing black!!!!!!

I'll come back at some point and update the 5 things I want to achieve when I get to goal.

Okay, so I have been thinking heaps about this, and I still can't think of 5 things.......but I can think of one major one.....which probably incorporates heaps of others......I want to go overseas to somewhere like the USA or the UK when I get to goal......I WANT to do the world trip thing....and go to disneyland.......(or somewhere similar).

Okay well I am going to head to bed and contemplate tomorrow - first day back at work after the break. Only a 3 day week to get through, so hopefully not too bad. Let's hope it is quiet!!!!!!! 
Back on track with water, and meals tomorrow. Protein shake for breakfast and my tuna on corn thins for lunch.  

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