Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

I made it till midnight.....partially as I still had some stuff to do to prepare for today's BBQ lunch. Have woken up to drizzle, which is not going to be so nice for the BBQ. Hopefully it will clear over the next couple of hours, but unfortunately it looks as though it is here to stay.

So today's Small Bite from NAWLS is:

Set goals.
Resolutions are almost never successful. Infact, many of us make them knowing we will fail. Resoultions really are wishes, not commitments. This year, try somethign that is  more likley to make your wishes come true. Set goals. 

Goals are measurable and acheiveable. When you set a goal, do these three things: Write it down and post it where you will look at if often; list the steps you will take to acheive the goal; record your results.

Action for the day:
Pick a goal for THIS month. Write it down and post it on your bathroom mirror (or wherever). List the steps you will take. Make a chart to record your progress.
© 2007, Katie Jay. All rights reserved.

So, today I have done this.. I weighed in this morning and was 110.9 kgs, which is slightly above my no go zone. It has been up around 114 kgs over the past few weeks, so some of the things I am putting in place are already having an impact. I am going to make a small goal, one that gets me in the right direction without getting all obessive about it.  I am aiming to get to 108 kgs by the end of January. That is only a 2.9 kgs loss, but one that I feel maybe more realistic and acheivable.  I have posted this on the mirror in the bedroom where I straighten my hair each morning. 

I am going to do this by:
Getting to the gym 3 times a week.
Meeting a friend for a weekly walk
Planning my meals and sticking to the plan.
Drinking water instead of coke zero. 
Not drinking with meals.

For the chart, I will concentrate on the Gym and Water intake on the chart. I think I will make this a line graph, althoughI am not good with graphs. I wil measure the water daily, but the gym, weekly. Will be interesting to see how I track. Will try and post it on here as well.


  1. Way to go Janine :) love this post...


  2. Very achievable goals hope the day improves weather wise TAUPO is blistering hot YESTERDAY and TODAY! (already)