Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Let go of procastination

Today's NAWLS Small bite is very timely.....

Let go of procrastination.
Putting off the things you need to do - like taking viatmains, replacing protein supplements when they run out, or starting an exercise program  - is a luxury you can't afford after WLS.

Procrastination often is fear of imperfection of fear of failure. But no one said you have to be perfect on your WLS journey. You just need to keep moving forward.

Action for the day:

Make a list of the things you must do for your health today and check them off as you accomplish them. If you feel resistant, call someone who supports you and talk about it. 

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This is very timely as I mentioned earlier. I keep saying that I need to get back on track and have my protein, eat smaller portions, not drink with meals etc, and then for some reason I say to myself "i'll start tomorrow". Well at this rate I will have had a massive regain and not be where I need or want to be. So I need to start now. I am writing this far to late for today ( a fact not putting off) so tomorrow I am going to
  1. Have my protein shake for breakfast
  2. Have my high protein/low carb/low fat lunch
  3. Drink my water intake for the day.
I am going to make sure I start tomorrow.....no putting it off!

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