Sunday, January 9, 2011

Value good nutrition

I beat you thought I had forgotten about today's small bite from NAWLS. Nope, just been busy with the WLS support group meeting that we have once a month. It was great to see everyone. It felt far too long since the last one, and we got through alot at the meeting and had some pretty big laughs!!!!

Anyway, today's onto today's topic

Value good nutrition.
You made the decision to make a dramatic change in your life. To get the most benefit from your WLS, think carefully about what you put into your body. With sa smaller stomach, and/or shorter intestines, every bit of food must pack a nutritional punch. 

Eat foods that you give you energy and the necessary building blocks for health. Everytime you eat something, ask yourself, "Is this satisfying and making my body healthy?"

Action for the day:
Write down what you ate yesterday and you are going to eat today. Are most of your food and supplement choices based on what your body needs or on what your head craves? Be honest with yourself.

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Well as I am doing this so late in the day, I have already made choices based on both of these. I did well with most of my choices, until the fruit cake (which is also a bad gluten choice) that the cafe owner gave to our group as an apology. I have now come home and I know that I should be making a wise decision about what to cook for dinner, but I think it will end up being takeaways.

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  1. Hi Janine, they don't have Hungry Jacks in the new books and also the nutritional value is only on some of the things not the things I ate..... not to worry :-). Thanks though and see you this weekend :-)