Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cultivate an independent attitude

So now to today's NAWLS Small Bite

Cultivate an independent attitude.
What does it mean to be independent? It means freedom from the control and influence of others. To be truly successful with WLS you need to detach youself from the influences of society and depend on your own judgement. 

Being independent of action does not mean you need to isolate yourself from society. But, when others around you are indulging, you need to develop the ability to make a different choice. It is not shameful to say no to food. You can determine what is good for you in a situation and be confident in your choices. Participating in society, yet ultimately making your own decisions, is true freedom. 

Action for the day:
True friends will respect your independence. Make a choice today that honors your WLS lifestyle.

© 2007, Katie Jay. All rights reserved.
 The thing that rings out for me in this Small Bite is the word "true friend". Am I being a "true friend" to myself by making some of the choices that I make? It is so easy for me to have plans and then change my mind because it's what others are having or it's quicker and easier. So was this journey meant to be easy? I certainly don't think it is the easy way out at all. In fact, it is so much easier to just eat whatever I feel like, rather than what is good for me. 


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