Thursday, January 13, 2011

Make a schedule and follow it.

So today I have been on track with my water intake and I have managed so far I am almost at 1.5 litres and I still have my before dinner and night time drinks to on track for 2 litres today. Pity about how many times it means I have had to go to the loo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay so I am heading off on a long weekend to Tauranga to go to Jackies wedding. Looking forward to seeing her as I have not seen her since my surgery when she came to visit me in hospital. 

That means that it is going to be a bit tricky to do the NAWLS Small Bites daily - so I a going to try and do them all tonight and then arrange for them to post at the right time.....I might stuff it up and if I do that is too bad....LOL. 

OH, the other fantastic thing happening this weekend, is that tomorrow I have a blood test in the morning and then I get to reduce my steroids down by 2.5 mg. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will stay like that for a month and then we will do another blood test and then take it down by another 2.5 mg unless the specialist thinks otherwise. 

Okay so on with the Small Bite.

Make a schedule and follow it.
The reality is almost everyone who succeeds at losing weight and keeping it off uses some sort of schedule. A schedule helps keep you on track when the world is trying to interfere with your goals. 

For example, following your schedule may help you manage your time, which in turn may give you more time to exercise. Notonly can you achieve your WLS goals more easily when you use a schedule, you can have a fuller, more satisfying life. 

Action for the day:
Make a schedule for today and see how well it works for you.

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 I can see how this works as I have a schedule or roster at work for times when I am off the phone, on breaks, and doing phone work and it means that the right number of people are on the phones doing the right things. 

I am trying to keep my diary in my handbag all the time so I can make sure that I write appointments down etc to be able to fit more in. I think also when I was doing the Meet & Greet planning, I did this well. However now that I am working from 8am till 4pm, I find it harder to get motivated to do things after work or in the evenings (with the exeption of meeting Maryanne & Leigh for a walk). I kinda think that when you are not that busy it is easy to let things slide.....but I really do think I need to schedule in the exercise time, and adhere to it!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Have seen you since, we had lunch at Taupo once with Sharon (Blondiebum) and David was there...... I am sure it was you lol....Catch you tomorrow :-)

  2. Ahh... Schedules, my nemesis! They are so important though.